Tri-Unity Wellness is now offering an opportunity to experience nature therapy through the art of Shinrin Yoku and Counselling In Nature.

Shinrin Yoku or Forest bathing originates from Japan. The slow and relaxed pace of forest bathing allows you to experience your senses and engage with the healing powers of nature. Experiencing the sights, sounds, feel and smell of the forest allows you to become fully aware of yourself and your current experience. The effect of forest bathing has been proven to decrease the following:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Rumination and negative thinking

Physically forest bathing has been found to:

  • Lower pulse rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease concentrations of cortisol (a hormone released as part of the Fight, Flight and Freeze response)
  • Additionally forest bathing increases the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ which switches of the Flight, Fight and Freeze response

Why choose Nature Therapy?

Our modern lifestyle is completely at odds with our human nature. Never in history have we been exposed to so much technology and screen time. On our phones, laptops, tablets all day and television at night yet of our time on this planet we have spent 99.9% of it without technology. It is only 0.01% of human history have we lived our lives in urban technological environments (Dr Yoshifumi Miyazaki, A university professor, researcher and the deputy director of Chiba University’s Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences).

Many studies demonstrate the negative effect continual exposure to technology has on our physical and mental health. Most of us live in a world of targets, multi-tasking, working, family commitments, and the list goes on all having an effect on our well being. Spending time in nature balances out our lives and takes us back to where we as humans belong increasing our well-being both mentally and physically.