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What is Tri-Unity about?

Tri-Unity is about Wellness. I offer a holistic approach to well-being:

Well-being:“The state of being comfortable, healthy and happy”

Well-beingencompasses how we are physically, mentally andemotionally/spiritually. Well-being goes much deeper, it can beaffected by external or internal forces. It is all inter connected,if we feel sad this may manifest in a bad cold for example. If wehave hurt our leg this may make us depressed. If we are affected by aloss we may question our beliefs about ourselves or our understandingof our world. Physically we may not have disease but are we fit?Fitness is an amalgamation of cardio vascular fitness, coordination,agility, stamina and strength. Mental health can be positive ornegative, it is not only anxiety, depression or being schizophrenic(example) but it’s how resilient we are, how we perceive our world,what is important to us will affect how well we are emotionally andmentally.

Tri-Umph@Tri-Unity is about promoting confidence, self awareness and the power to make positive changes.


Well-being Posted on Thu, October 05, 2017 12:20:52

Back a few months ago I was motivated to enter myself for the ballot to run the Virgin London Marathon …. Go figure ???? !!!

The London Marathon is on my bucket list. There was a time several years ago where running any time over one hour became painful however with my training with Celtic Tri Triathlon Club , some osteopathic treatment and my own knowledge and skill base this is no longer an excuse.

My new excuse became “time” or as my dad would translate as “not important enough”!
True it isn’t as important as parenting, earning a living etc. This year was different. When my good friend and awesome Ironman, Debs Longman (The Unlikely Triathlete) posted her entry to the VLM on Facebook I was spurred into action.

It was one of those split second impulsive decisions you sometimes experience whilst out clothes shopping. My thought was “time isn’t an excuse, there will never be enough time, you just make the time” so I entered!!!

Fast forward to now (4th October 2017)

I will be absolutely gutted yet at the same time relieved if I don’t get a place in the VLM. On the other hand if I do i’ll be terrified yet excited also!

2018 I will not be running the Virgin London Marathon. I received my “Sorry” magazine yesterday. How do I feel? Disappointed but also relieved, its a lot of time out of my day, week, month to train and I’m already really short of time.

One day though….

Silver lining… They sent me a fab Virgin London Marathon running jacket ! Thanks VLM Ill wear it out training for 2019 !!! smiley

How Much Water do you need?

Well-being Posted on Wed, September 06, 2017 13:14:26

Lorna Kathleen's photo.

Water for Weight Loss

Well-being Posted on Wed, September 06, 2017 13:04:02

Yesterday a regular class participant came to me explaining that she has for years been trying to lose weight to no avail. This lady in her 70’s told me she had tried many of the usual approaches to weight loss and none had helped her shift the pounds (well not the pounds she wanted to anyway!!!)

Until now!!!

“I’ve lost 3lbs this week, 2 lbs last week” she said.


“I’ve increased the amount of water I drink”

Not only had she lost weight but her skin was improved and she felt she had more energy.

The average adult body contains between 50 -75% water, a child will contain about 75% ( If you’re overweight your body will contain less than this. This is because body fat contains only 10% fat whereas muscle contains 75% (

Brian Richter of the Nature Conservancy and University of Virginia explains in his article for The National Geographic the importance of maintaining our body’s water levels:

“With a deficit of as little as one quart you’re likely going to start losing some cognitive function, alertness, and ability to concentrate. If you lose a gallon you’ll start feeling pretty lethargic, and you’ll likely have a bad headache. If you’re down two gallons you’re going to be sick enough to be in the hospital. Three gallons and you’re in the morgue.”

We know we need water for our health but why does increasing our water intake help us lose weight?

Boosts your metabolism.

Cleanses your body of waste.

Acts as an appetite suppressant.

Drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight.

How much water you need to drink depends on your age, gender, activity levels, size and weight. The Government guidelines (The Eatwell Plate) advices us to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water per day on top of the water found in our food. Contrary to belief we CAN include tea and coffee in our water count (British Nutrition Foundation) if we keep our caffeine intake moderate.

How do I know if I’m drinking enough water?

Your body will tell you that you need more water by triggering the thirst sensation however another way to tell is the colour of your urine. The darker it is the more dehydrated you are.

If it’s hot or you have performed intense physical activity then you need to drink more.

I hate water!!!

Drink herbal tea or squeeze some lemon juice into your water.

Milk is full of water and very healthy

Some foods contain high water content; fruit, veg, soups

(British Nutrition Foundation)

Tips to increase water (fluid) intake:

Before and with a meal

Before, during and after physical activity

Keep a bottle in your bag, at work, next to the couch.

I personally find I drink more water if I fill a sports top bottle. It has been suggested to me that possibly this simulates drinking milk as a baby and therefore brings on a relaxed serene feeling. I’ll leave that to you to decide!

WARNING! It’s just as important to not drink TOO much water.

Signs to look out for:

Nausea and vomiting


Disorientation and confusion

More severely:

Muscle cramps, spasms & weakness



Coma (


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Children & Young Peoples Counselling

Well-being Posted on Tue, August 29, 2017 14:09:02

& Young People Counselling

than ever our children and young people are subject to many stresses.
Pressure to conform to media stereotypes, pressure to do well at
school, family separation, peer pressure and bullying to name a few
of the issues presented to our kids.

stresses are difficult enough for an adult to cope with but our
children have little experience to draw upon, may feel they have no
one they can talk to or believe they are the only ones to feel this
way resulting in conditions such as anxiety, depression, anger and
behavioural problems. In extreme cases self-harm or even suicide
ideation can seem the only way out to a young person.

is the only part of the UK where counselling services are legally
required in schools however this service is often oversubscribed and
poorly funded leaving an otherwise excellent provision limited to a
few sessions per child. CAMHS (Children & Adolescent Mental
Health Services) have long waiting times which can be as long as 12

offers the young person a confidential* safe space to explore their
concerns, allowing them to talk free from judgement or pressure to
be. Using the Proactive Approach developed by Geldard & Geldard I
use a combination of Child Centered and Cognitive Behaviour therapies
to arm your child with a toolkit of coping strategies to increase
their resilience and self-esteem. In a relaxed environment I
incorporate activities such as Theraplay, creative strategies, sand
tray and psychoeducational tools into the session.

Contact me on lornakj@tri-unitywellness for further information on Children & Young People counselling.